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The Way Forward

Snehi is a non-profit and community-based organization that solely relies on the help and support of charitable & philanthropic organizations and individuals. 

Unfortunately, Snehi cannot help all, who need mental health support. Snehi is challenged by not having enough staff to recruit and train the sufficient number of volunteer counselors needed to counsel the thousands in need that call the helplines and many walks through its doors.

Why Contribute?

Sadly, many wait for support unattended and in Stress and depression. Snehi needs more of the following to run successfully:

  • Funds to recruit, train, and place volunteers.

  • Funds to hire regular staff.

  • Phones to answer the thousands of calls.

  • Transport to get staff to the destitute homes, centers, and schools.

  • Funds to print and make training materials

By donating to Snehi today, you can make a difference in the lives of children and young people fighting stress and depression. All donations to Snehi are exempted from income tax under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.  Snehi also has FCRA to receive donations from overseas.

Things we want to achieve

Snehi has achieved so much, but we want to do much, much more.

With sustainable funding, Snehi hopes to:

customer-service (2).png

Expand services at its Counseling Centre to accommodate the overwhelming number of callers

customer-service (2).png
three-buildings (2).png

Develop a center for training and research to facilitate the growth of competent professionals in the field of behavioral, psychological, and mental health care

three-buildings (2).png
knowledge (1).png

Sensitize sectors of society and help them focus on the mental health of the people they work with

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social-network (2).png

Maintain advocacy with policy and opinion makers and network with focused groups, institutions, and individuals for effective rights-based mental health policy

social-network (2).png
program (2).png

Run programs for promotive and preventive mental healthcare 

ways to deal with depression and stress

program (2).png
protest (6).png

Work and advocate for the rights of people with psychosocial and mental disabilities so that they can live in a society with dignity. 

protest (6).png

Funding partners of Snehi

Since 1996, Snehi is fortunate to receive support from the following corporations and funding agencies:

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
Indian Oil

Volunteer Application Form

Give us a hand & start making a difference
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