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Factors that Affect Mental Health in India

“Suicide is the second leading cause of death  among young people in  India and is poised to be  the leading cause by 2020"
” Lancet, 2012“

With good mental health, children and adolescents do better in every way. They are happy members of their families, can learn better, excel at school, and enjoy friendships and new experiences.
A child with good mental health is much more likely to have good mental health as an adult and to be able to take on adult responsibilities and realize their potential.

Sadly, in India, we live in a society that can be harmful to the mental health of our young people.

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Schools are like exam factories, with university entry being incredibly competitive and expensive 

High unemployment among youth who don’t gain entry into school

Family breakdown and neglect is widespread

Violence is rife in many communities and fear of crime a constant source of distress for thousands, especially young women.



Families and Indian society at large deal poorly with all forms of mental health problems and disorders, particularly suicide. Something as common as depression is rarely recognized and if recognized is rarely cared for or treated because there is such a stigma attached to ailments of the mind. What can be easily cured or treated with some support, counseling, and medication, if at all needed, more often than not goes uncared/untreated until it develops a more serious form. 

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